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    Category Archives: Weddings

    Top Party Rental Tips When Planning An Event

    Planning an event often involves time sensitive, detailed work which requires dedication on the part of not only the event planner, but the entire team involved in executing the staging of an event. With basic event planning knowledge and the collective efforts of clients and vendors, a successful event...
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    A Simply Divine Wedding

    When you’re located in California there is no end to the beautiful outdoor weddings you can attend. And yet, it doesn’t become something you get used to. Each wedding has its own unique atmosphere and each wedding party breathes new life to a venue. With the beginning of summer...
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    Bohemian Wedding Rentals

    The Bohemian trend is quickly catching the eye of this year’s brides. With the perfect mix of rustic, vintage, and whimsical elements, you can create a truly unique and distinctive vibe.  The Boho trend is all about light, airy fabrics and soft, bright colors. Touches of lace throughout the...
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    Top 6 Stuart Tented Events of 2014

          This past year has been full of exciting events and wonderful clients that we are truly honored to have had the opportunity to be involved with. Large capacity corporate meetings, lavish weddings, and holiday celebrations are just a few of the types of occasions our team has participated in...
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    A Glowing Wedding Celebration

    This past weekend we had the pleasure of setting up a beautiful, romantic wedding celebration at a private residence. Guests were greeted by a brightly colored voile entry way adorned by bunches of flowers and then proceeded down a red carpet walled by black rope stanchions.   The tent rentals used for this...
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    Sprucing Up Your Tent Rental Ceiling

    Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, gala, or general celebration, a tent rental is always a transformative component. And while it’s common enough to see a well planned tent venue, the thought that goes behind the tent type and ceiling style selection often goes unappreciated. So, think...
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    A Guide to Corporate Events

    If you’ve ever planned a corporate event, you know there’s more to it than just the annual holiday party. From shareholder’s meetings to job recruitment fairs, there’s always an occasion on the horizon which depends upon a successful representation of your company. The following guide is meant to help...
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    Stylish Summer Party Rentals

    One of the summer’s tried and trusted color palettes has us planning in bright corals, deep oranges, glittering golds, and crisp whites. From chair rentals to linens, and everything in between, we have all of the pieces you ever wanted to design a gorgeous celebration. Top Left: Tent rentals have not only become...
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    Making Events Extra Sweet with Dessert Bars

    If you’ve attended an event or two recently, you may have noticed that bars are no longer simply tables for serving drinks. What used to be a standard, one - cake show has evolved into a creative array of cake pops, cupcakes, macaroons, and dozens of other desserts. It is...
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    Wedding Cocktail Hour: Simple Tips & Stylish Rentals

    The transition time between the wedding ceremony and reception is the perfect time for a cocktail hour. It allots time for the wedding party to take photos and allows time for any additional preparations that caterers and event planners may need to make for the reception. Guests also get...
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