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    Category Archives: Lighting

    Top Party Rental Tips When Planning An Event

    Planning an event often involves time sensitive, detailed work which requires dedication on the part of not only the event planner, but the entire team involved in executing the staging of an event. With basic event planning knowledge and the collective efforts of clients and vendors, a successful event...
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    A Multicolored Masterpiece of Tent and Party Rentals

    We recently had the pleasure of setting up a fantastically unique event at Stanford, in celebration of the 2004 alumni’s ten year reunion. Custom gobo lighting and psychedelic colors reflecting off of white and silver furniture all contributed to this celebration’s wow factor.     The main event took place beneath a...
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    Illuminating Your Tent Rental Ceiling

    If you have selected your tent rental, determined the ceiling style, and know the theme for your event, you are probably at the point where you want to think about lighting. There are few things as beautiful about a tent as when its ceiling is brightly lit and properly...
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    Lighting Up Your Event

    The lighting used to furnish an event is an important albeit often overlooked component of party design. Ceilings, walls, pipe & drape, and even floors are all areas that can be furnished with various kinds of lights. Chandeliers: Chandeliers are not only elegant, but also efficient. They can be hung within...
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    Tent Rentals Allow You to be More Creative with Ceiling Décor

    Part of planning a wedding or event is making sure your guests enjoy themselves and are comfortable no matter what the weather. In the Bay Area, tent rentals play a great role in ensuring this, as well as being the perfect structure to help you create a swoon-worthy venue....
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    Twinkle Light-Filled Wedding Tent

    The beautiful Thomas Estates served as a great backdrop to this beautiful wedding.  The guests were to be seated around the pool area to witness the bride and groom’s vows underneath a trellis with full foliage.             Then guests moved up the hill to the 40×80 frame tent for the...
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