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    Category Archives: Tenting

    Friends, Family, and Food A Thanksgiving Blog

    Have you noticed the change in the air? There’s a refreshing crispness in the weather, a delightful scent of fireplaces being used in the evenings, and the tell-tale abundance of apples and gourds at the market. You can probably guess what the clues are hinting…Thanksgiving is upon us! As...
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    Top Party Rental Tips When Planning An Event

    Planning an event often involves time sensitive, detailed work which requires dedication on the part of not only the event planner, but the entire team involved in executing the staging of an event. With basic event planning knowledge and the collective efforts of clients and vendors, a successful event...
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    A Simply Divine Wedding

    When you’re located in California there is no end to the beautiful outdoor weddings you can attend. And yet, it doesn’t become something you get used to. Each wedding has its own unique atmosphere and each wedding party breathes new life to a venue. With the beginning of summer...
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    Kudos to the 1,300 Makers at Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

    Stuart delivered over 14,000 chairs, 1,100 tables, and 100 tents - the biggest tent covers over half a football field.  
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    Bachelorette Party Rentals

    Bachelorette parties are a fun way to celebrate a new beginning in your girlfriend’s life.  From a quiet dinner to an elaborate get together, you can make things girly, fun, and special. For your linen rentals, choose a linen that will allow you to bring in different color combinations such...
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    Ceiling Decor Inspirations for Your Tent Rentals and Events

      Tent rentals can be a wonderful option to create a custom environment for your event.  Lining a ceiling with fabric is the perfect tool to transform your tented event.  Various colors and fabrics can be used to create a custom look.  All exposed tent poles and hardware can be...
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    A Garden Party with a Twist Using Outdoor Party Rentals

    Some might think garden parties are a thing of the past. On the contrary, garden parties are back and more stylish than ever!  What was previously an occasion centered around teacups and small pastries, are now about large dinner parties with cocktails and all. Garden parties first originated in...
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    Bohemian Wedding Rentals

    The Bohemian trend is quickly catching the eye of this year’s brides. With the perfect mix of rustic, vintage, and whimsical elements, you can create a truly unique and distinctive vibe.  The Boho trend is all about light, airy fabrics and soft, bright colors. Touches of lace throughout the...
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    Top 6 Stuart Tented Events of 2014

          This past year has been full of exciting events and wonderful clients that we are truly honored to have had the opportunity to be involved with. Large capacity corporate meetings, lavish weddings, and holiday celebrations are just a few of the types of occasions our team has participated in...
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    Valentine’s Day Event Rentals: There’s Always Time for Chocolate and Flowers

    With the start of the New Year, many people forget about the one special holiday that arrives just a month into the year. Valentine’s Day is a day that you can celebrate with your friends, family, or significant other.  However you choose to celebrate, Stuart Rental can provide you...
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