Dance Floor & Stage Rentals

If your event involves live music, a speaker, or dancing, consider looking into staging or dance floor rentals for your event. The Stuart Rental Company provides a wide range of options for dance floors and stages, including floors of different finishes and modular stages to suit a variety of needs.

To see any of these in person or discuss what rentals will suit your event best, get in touch with our event specialists at 1-800-400-0543. You can also visit any of our showroom locations throughout the San Jose-San Francisco Bay Area.


Dance Floor and Stage Sections: a Flexible Event Solution

Depending where you've decided to hold your event, the space allotted for the stage or dance floor, or both, varies. To ensure that you can have a stage or dance floor big enough for your event yet tailored to the size of your venue, we provide our dance floor and staging rentals in sections.

Our stages are available as 4' x 4' sections, 4' x 8' sections, and 6' x 8' sections. While the 4' x 4' and 6' x 8' sections feature an adjustable height, the 4' x 8' sections are only available in heights of 12", 16", and 24". These give you freedom to put together a stage that's either small enough for a lecture or large enough for a complete band set-up.

To provide you with added customization to best suit your event, you can also choose from a variety of covering and skirting options. Our 4' x 4' sections can be covered and skirted in black, red, or green astroturf. For the 4' x 8' and 6' x 8' sections, you have a choice of black, red, royal blue, or white stage skirting.

We can also provide stage steps and handrails for any of our staging rental options.

As for dance floors, we can provide options for both indoor and outdoor use. While we have high-quality floors limited to indoor use such as the Oak Parquet dance floor, we also can provide you with rentals that can be part of your outdoor wedding rentals such as the Black & White dance floor.

Like the stages, these floors come in sections so you can easily rent what you need to best suit your venue. Our Black & White, Oak Parquet, and Oak Vinyl dance floors are available in 3' x 4' sections, while the White, Dark Oak Parquet, and Light Oak Parquet come in 3' x 3' sections. Depending on your choice of dance floor rental, these floors will come with either a silver, white, or gold trim.

To learn more about each product, click on their pictures, or you can see our FAQ page for general rental policies.

  • Oak Laminate Dance Floor - NEW!

  • Teak Laminate Dance Floor - NEW!

  • Stage - 4'x 4' Sections

  • Stage - 6'x8' Sections

  • Dance Floor - Black & White 3'x4' Sections

  • White Dance Floor

  • White Dance Floor - 3'x4' Sections

  • Dance Floor - Oak Parquet 3'x4' Sections

  • Dance Floor - Oak Vinyl 3'x4' Sections

  • Dance Floor - Dark Oak Parquet 3'x3' Sections

  • Dance Floor - Light Oak Parquet 3'x3' Sections