Halloween-scapes: Getting Inspired

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season - the sweetest time of the year! We've rounded a few versatile Halloween table designs and we're sharing with you how to make them your own. Whether you're having an elegant dinner party or a kid-friendly event, there is a look here for you. 

Planning A Spooktacular Halloween

It's that time of year again! Break out the pumpkins, witch hats, and costumes. Whether you're having friends over for a party or a small dinner, a few key party rentals are all you need to set up a great event. 

Rich & Rustic Autumn Tablescapes

Fall is rolling in...time to make room for new colors, patterns, and textures. Read the blog for some simple table design ideas that will transition you into the new season. 

Top Party Rental Tips When Planning An Event

We're covering the basics of event planning and rentals. A must read for planners of all experience levels. 

Illuminating Your Tent Rental Ceiling

Once you've decided on the type of tent to use for your event, it's time to think about an integral interior component- lighting. From standard to custom lighting fixtures and washes, we have the info you need to choose how to illuminate your tent best. 

Sprucing Up Your Tent Rental Ceiling

As your guests walk into your event tent and look up, what do you want them to see? Styles vary from theme to theme, and you have a varied selection of materials, colors, and swagging syles to choose from. Make a statement with your tent ceiling!

A Guide to Corporate Events

Use our corporate events guide as a resource for your next planned affair. It can be tricky to ascertain which rentals are necessary to put on different types of events, but we've simplified it so all you have to do is tailor the details to your company's specific needs.

Wedding Cocktail Hour: Simple Tips & Stylish Rentals

A recipe for the ultimate wedding cocktail hour - a good looking bar, hors d'oeuvres, signature cocktails, and the right way to outfit your venue to its fullest potentail. 

Making Events Extra Sweet with Dessert Bars

Dessert bars may have become our new favorite part of an event. Fresh, creative and fun, dessert displays allow you to choose from a variety of sweets while also adding decor elements that support your party's theme. Now you can have your cake, your cupcakes, and your cookies too!

Stylish Summer Party Rentals

Check out our new Summer style sheet! Vibrant colors, mixed patterns, and this season's suggested rentals are revealed.